Be SaltBaked

Our name comes from the belief in a transformative process, of wrapping up something raw and pure, allowing it to develop with dedication and care and then revealing something new and enticing inside.

About SaltBaked

Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. The natural impulse to observe, find something remarkable where others may not spot it and to delight in the details. The joy in communicating what we see to others with clarity and insight and creating connection through a shared narrative.

We bring this passion to all our projects, unpicking the purpose, meaning and drive behind brands to produce content that delivers accuracy and authenticity and conveys messaging which truly resonates with your audience.

Meet our founder Emma

Appreciation of the written word and the compulsion to communicate struck Emma from an early age. After gaining a first-class degree in English Literature, honing her skills of literary criticism, she went on to pursue a career in lifestyle magazine publishing before moving into digital media.

Emma’s experience has seen her produce and manage content across a range of topics including arts and culture, travel and tourism, sport, heritage and conservation, working within both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. A book lover and unashamed ‘word bird’, she is also passionate about children’s literacy.

Delivering your needs with our expertise

We’re lucky to work with some truly exceptional brands all striving to connect with their audience to showcase their unique offering.
Dr Tavs Jorgensen
We curated the written content for a booklet covering research exploring innovative approaches with the ceramic extrusion process led by Dr Tavs Jorgensen at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol).
Otters Home Search
We've enabled the independent home search consultancy and property buying agency to position itself as approachable yet professional, teasing out authentic brand stories and opportunities to share advice.
Jim O'Sullivan
We're collaborating with author Jim O'Sullivan as he publishes his debut novel and develops his literary career, securing press coverage and speaking opportunities.
Mette Bjerknes
We're helping to raise the profile of Cheltenham-based F2 powerboat pilot Mette Bjerknes through targeted PR activity and public outreach.
Louise Jackson Interiors
We captured the essence of the Louise Jackson Interiors brand for a press release celebrating their bespoke design service distributed across relevant lifestyle and industry sectors.
Arts Diverse-City
We approached Gloucestershire Live on behalf of community-driven organisation Arts Diverse-City to amplify awareness of a cultural event in Gloucester Docks celebrating the Windrush community.
Deborah Harrison Sculpture
We continue to raise the profile of award-winning artist Deborah Harrison's sculptures through compelling storytelling and connecting to major institutions.
Centre For Print Research
We secured and composed a series of feature articles in a lifestyle magazine as well as creating content for the CFPR website and PR outreach.
Alastair Gibson
We provided a multi-channel communications service including global PR outreach, website content production and bespoke print materials.
We carried out a content build for the website launch and continue to manage communications across digital and print.
Gemma Kelly Fitness
We undertook a website health check and put together a personalised content strategy to bring out the client’s authentic voice.
Park Gallery
We took a critical eye to the website to suggest improvements to enhance the user experience and create greater consistency.
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