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We count ourselves lucky to be involved in our clients’ communication journeys from the inception of an idea to content completion.

Dr Tavs Jorgensen

We curated the written content for a booklet covering research exploring innovative approaches with the ceramic extrusion process led by Dr Tavs Jorgensen, Associate Professor at the Centre for Print Research (CFPR) at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). This involved close collaborative working with the author and designer to create a polished publication presented at the 'Earthly Enquiries' colloquium at UWE Bristol.

Otters Home Search

Independent home search consultancy and property buying agency Otters Home Search is brilliant at what it does. We've helped the business position itself as professional yet approachable, delivering invaluable expertise with warmth and intuitive understanding, teasing out authentic brand stories and opportunities to share advice across the media and the OHS website.

Jim O'Sullivan

We're delighted to be part of 'Operation Steam Catcher' collaborating with author Jim O'Sullivan as he publishes his debut novel and develops his literary career. This has involved coverage of his book launch at The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum in Cheltenham and securing interest in author talks.

Mette Bjerknes

We're helping to raise the profile of Norwegian-born, Cheltenham-based F2 powerboat pilot Mette Bjerknes and her team JRM Racing through targeted PR activity and public outreach. Gloucestershire Live used our compelling press release as the basis of an online article focusing on Mette's incredible talent and the exciting but little known world of powerboat racing.

Louise Jackson Interiors

We captured the essence of the Louise Jackson Interiors brand for a press release celebrating their bespoke design service distributed across relevant lifestyle and industry sectors. We knew this wasn't simply showcasing a service or highlighting USPs but creating a platform for an authentic story to be told and true passion to shine.

Arts Diverse-City

We approached Gloucestershire Live on behalf of community-driven organisation Arts Diverse-City to amplify awareness of the 'Changes in Waves Windrush 75' programme of events at Gloucester Docks ahead of Black History Month 2023. Celebrating the impact of the Windrush community on the city's cultural heritage, the event included a journey aboard the Queen Boadicea II from the National Waterways Museum along the Gloucester Sharpness Canal, evoking the voyage of the Empire Windrush.

Deborah Harrison Sculpture

We collaborated with Gloucester Cathedral and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to promote the installation of Deborah Harrison's sculpture 'The Hand of Fannie Storr', a visual legacy of the life of the first Director of Nursing Education in Gloucestershire, as part of NHS’ 75th anniversary celebrations at the Cathedral. We continue to support the award-winning artist, raising the profile of her projects and commissions through compelling stories and connecting with relevant organisations including highlighting the inclusion of her work 'Valley of the Shadow' on the cover of Tackling Torture: Prevention in Practice by Malcolm D. Evans and the launch of the book at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights.

Centre For Print Research

We secured and composed a series of feature articles in Somerset Life magazine for the Centre For Print Research (CFPR) at the University of the West of England to promote their artist in residence programme and the extraordinary artworks being produced through the collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation at the CFPR. We also created content for the CFPR website and PR outreach activity for the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.

Alastair Gibson

We’re working closely with carbon fibre pioneer Alastair Gibson to raise awareness of the innovative artist as his work takes an exciting new direction. The collaboration has included cross-channel PR activity as well as editorial consultancy and content production for digital and print.


We carried out the website content build for www.myarto.co.uk, working in close collaboration with ArtÓ’s web designer and photographer to bring the unique concept of the new gallery workspace to life. We continue to provide timely and engaging content for ArtÓ including blogs, social media posts and magazine articles as well as coordinating photoshoots.

Gemma Kelly Fitness

We know it can feel hard to translate great ideas into compelling content. We helped tease out core objectives and took a deep dive into brand identity to put together a tailored communications strategy for Gemma Kelly Fitness. We also undertook a website health check to ensure the digital presence reflected the brand’s professionalism and commitment.

Park Gallery

Following a change of business owner and a move in a different artistic direction, Park Gallery needed a sense check of their website. We provided constructive feedback on the user experience of www.parkgallery.co.uk considering elements such as navigation, branding and visuals, calls to action, readability and tone of voice.

How utterly beautiful this article is - thank you so much! It really captures what we are trying to do here so well - genuinely touched.
East Quay
Jess Prendergrast | Director
Spring 2024
I received the article and I must say... it's brilliant! It's gorgeous how you catch everything in a logical composition. It's amazing to read another person's words about myself. I have always admired people who can use words vividly. Thank you!
Sea Nest Art Studio
Aga Kubish | Artist
Winter | 2023
The article is absolutely fantastic! Thank you! You are very talented!
Moorwood Art
Camilla Drinkall | Curator
Winter | 2023
It's a brilliant article and so beautifully written, thank you so much for understanding and connecting with the project so deeply.
The Red Dress Studio
Kirstie Macleod | Artist
Winter | 2023
Anyone can write words, but SaltBaked can make them sing.
Tony Finn | Founder
Summer | 2022
Rarely do you get to work with someone for whom their profession is such a passion and for whom it comes so naturally.
Gemma Kelly Fitness
Gemma Kelly | Founder
Autumn | 2022
Emma has an great eye for detail and a mind for customers and clients.  Her perspective and health check report were really useful and I look very much to draw upon her input in the future too.
Park Gallery
Darren Chandler | Owner
Summer | 2022
Emma was able to package up my core messaging and business values into eloquent prose that spoke from the very heart of my brand.
Gemma Kelly Fitness
Gemma Kelly | Founder
Autumn | 2022
The piece of writing is exactly what I was looking for and needed, you are a very clever writer and person, how lucky am I.
Alastair Gibson
Alastair Gibson | Artist
Winter | 2022
I really appreciated reading your fresh impressions, which you imparted in such an approachable yet analytical way.
Lynne Walmsley-Lowe
Lynne Walmsley-Lowe | Owner
Spring | 2023
“What a fascinating piece!! Beautifully written! I was transported to that Tuesday morning!”
Lindy Allfrey Art
Lindy Allfrey | Owner
Spring | 2023
Oh the blog is great! Love the writing and the insight to a world I’m familiar with but have never experienced from the other side - it’s really interesting! The piece is fantastic.
Discovery Art Class
Jessie Carr | Owner
Spring | 2023
Your writing is quite superb, a thoroughly immersive experience. That’s quite a feat. Full of observations that manage to shift the reader’s environment.
Hamish Blakely
Hamish Blakely | Artist
Spring | 2023
It has been a pleasure working with you. I have read what you put together a few times and I was really touched. You have captured it so well and you write so nicely.
Fisher GT Financial Group Pty Ltd
Peter Fisher | Financial Director
Summer | 2023
You are such a wonderful writer congratulations on such a lovely, lovely piece! I am so honoured by it, really you have captured exactly all the favourite things about what I am trying to do, just perfectly - thank you.
Chris Perry Art
Chris Perry | Artist
Autumn | 2023
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful article, it’s brilliant! You’ve covered so much, it’s a great piece and I’m sure will bring lots of people to the exhibition.
South West Heritage Trust
Sarah Cox | Exhibitions and Programme Manager
Autumn | 2023

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